Boyd Technologies and Chase Machine & Engineering join technologies and brainpower for medical device applications

Boyd Technologies and Chase Machine & Engineering join technologies and brainpower for medical device applications

Boyd Technologies and Chase Machine & Engineering are teaming up to support medical device manufacturing in New England. The Companies share long-term success stories within flexible materials markets, in manufacturing, and machine design and engineering, respectively.

Boyd Technologies celebrated its 30th anniversary as an advanced materials manufacturing company in 2009. "We've worked together with Chase for over 20 years," commented Bronly Boyd, founder and CEO of Boyd Technologies. The application of flexible materials in various medical device products is a complex process, especially during developmental stages. "Our ability to work in groups and with great partners like Chase helps our customers commercialize novel technologies and products most effectively," Bronly continued. The Companies often collaborate on the design and development of equipment for new manufacturing lines, which ultimately Boyd would operate.

Chase Machine celebrates over 50 years of machine and engineering know-how in web handling equipment including coating, bonding, and laminating lines. "We encourage partners like Boyd to engage us early on in the developmental process so that we can add our engineering expertise to the product development cycle," said Guy Gil, the Company's National Sales Manager. The Company's engineers can design everything from small manufactured components to complete assemblies incorporating a vast range of application-specific technologies such as Ultrasonic, Impulse, Radio Frequency and Hot Air Welding as well as a variety of Adhesive Dispensing equipment. "We also offer a fully equipped materials application lab, which allows partners to utilize smaller pilot production runs to complete trials before final development decisions are made," noted Gil.

Chase Machine & Engineering is owned and operated by George Gil, President, and Maria Gil, Vice President. The Company's expertise is in continuous web applications, with over 50 years' experience in this field, from lab units for membrane coating and drying to complete production lines for hollow fibers used in blood and liquid filtration and gas separation, to process lines for ultrasonic seaming and slitting of woven and nonwoven fibers, cut-to-length machines, winders, festooners, spoolers, to reagent impregnation for medical test strips.

Boyd Technologies is an advanced materials company that provides custom manufacturing and distribution solutions alongside its menu of integrated business services to health and medical partners looking to commercialize products and scale operations quickly.