Community Stewardship Day

Community Stewardship Day

Boyd Technologies, Inc. hosted the 1st Annual Community Stewardship Day by aligning efforts with the Berkshire Natural Resources Council and the Housatonic Valley Association. Volunteers from each organization worked together at Boyd Technologies in South Lee, MA to begin a habitat restoration project on land and Housatonic River banks along which Boyd and BNRC are neighbors. More than 35 employees and volunteers showed up ready to dig-in, literally, in the spirit of ecology, citizenship and wellness. 

Boyd Technologies’ Wellness Program encourages employees to get outside and be active during daily breaks and many of the natural beauties along the river have become overwhelmed by invasive plants and access limited for those hoping to appreciate the outdoors or get some exercise. “This year’s objective was to create a foundation for future sustainability events and collaborations upon which Boyd Technologies approach to corporate responsibility can be realized in additional ways and we can make a difference in the community” said Stephen Boyd, the company’s President and CEO. 

Boyd Technologies believes sustainability creates value responsibly and their approach aims to balance the demands of doing business with community stewardship in ways that promote environmental management and good citizenship. The family values that established the company’s culture have always been characterized by responsible behaviors. Sustainability takes good management and requires corporate structure, policies, values, and decision-making that incorporates accountability, transparency, ethics and respect. Boyd Technologies practices these principles. 

"It’s fantastic to have business partners like Boyd Technologies,” said Tad Ames, President of BNRC; “we are thrilled about a collaborative effort to restore the Polatnik Wetlands area and we appreciate Boyd’s leadership and commitment to the Berkshires.” Housatonic Valley Association’s Dennis Regan commented “We always encourage development strategies within the river corridor consistent with both river conservation and community growth needs; today’s event is a great example of the type of stewardship The HVA likes to promote.” 

Most of the day’s organization came from Jess Toro, a life-long friend of the Boyd family and Native Habitat Restoration’s founder. Her work in the field was complimented by Lori Tsuruda from People Making a Difference. “Jess and Lori have been unbelievably helpful in supporting this effort and without their expertise and guidance today wouldn’t have been the success it was” said Jennifer Moriarty, Boyd Technologies Human Resources Manager. 

About Boyd Technologies 

Boyd Technologies is a leading international supplier of advanced flexible materials. Global OEM partners rely on Boyd Technologies for material sourcing, product realization, and precision converting. Together these capabilities provide design and development, commercialization support, and production of products which are made from advanced flexible materials.  The Company is ISO 9001 and 13485 certified. 

The Company works with nonwovens, membranes, films, foils, foam, technical papers, extruded netting, technical textiles, and nanofiber materials.  These flexible materials are used in technical applications across the medical, electrical, and consumer markets.  The Company’s core technologies and developments are in biopharmaceutical filtration, advanced wound care, and power storage and delivery products and applications. 

Boyd Technologies is privately held and controlled by the Boyd Family. The Company is overseen by its Board of Directors which is comprised of independent and executive directors, and lead by its Senior Management team which is responsible for the successful execution of the Company's strategic growth plan. Boyd Technologies is headquartered in South Lee, Massachusetts and operates globally with its network of customers and partners. 

Berkshire Natural Resources Council, is a non-profit land conservation organization working throughout the Berkshires in Massachusetts to preserve threatened lands. The Council places special emphasis on protecting Berkshire’s farms, forests, streams, and ridgelines – the great landscape features that give us clean water, fresh air, local produce, healthy wildlife, and outstanding recreational opportunities. 

The Housatonic Valley Association, founded in 1941, works to conserve the natural character and environmental health of our communities by protecting and restoring the lands and waters of the Housatonic Watershed for this and future generations. 

Native Habitat Restoration, was formed in 2010 by Jessica Murray Toro and Sari Hoy to help landowners, conservation organizations and municipal agencies remove invasive plant species from sensitive environments and landscapes, and restore the diversity and function of native habitats. Together, they provide over 20 years of experience in conservation planning, project management, managing invasive plant species, and restoring habitats. 

People Making a Difference, engages people through meaningful, hands-on work that meets local needs by following a strong service ethic to: produce appreciable results while conserving recipients' limited resources, educate volunteers about broader issues and bring people together to make a difference.