We help our partners grow their businesses by solving complex problems. We have 40 years of expertise and a track record of success.

Our Story in 2 Minutes


The DNA of our culture at Boyd Technologies is built on our core competencies, behavioral anchors, and our way of working. This influences who we hire, how we train, and the way we work together. We live by these common values which are rooted in our founding as a family business.

We inspire these values by placing our customers at the center of everything we do and aiming to deliver services that foster a positive experience at every stage of the journey. Our services are designed to solve complex challenges and deliver innovative results.

We have 40 years of expertise providing valued services to our clients and delivering on our goal to help clients grow faster with less risk.


We believe our success depends on the individual mastery of four core competencies across the entire organization which drives who we hire, how we train, and the way we work.

Technical Skills
Industry leading domain
knowledge and technical
skill sets.
Quality of Work
Unyielding commitment
to superior quality in
everything we do.
High volume output of our
individual work product
every single day.
Approach to Work
Innovative, collaborative,
adaptable, and always
positive attitude.


We believe our success depends on individuals who possess and consistently practice a common set of behavioral anchors.

Use direct, transparent,
and professional oral and
written communication.
Create and participate in
highly effective interactions
with others.
Problem Solving
Consistently identify and
solve problems with simple
Service Focus
Have a clear and consistent
focus on our customers’
Approach everything you
think, say, and do with
positivity - RPA.
Self Excellence
Attain more knowledge and
skill each and every day,
pursuit of life long learning.
Seek areas of opportunity
that will propel the business
towards its goals.
Strategic Planning
Understand our strategy
and align our daily activities
with it.


We use simple, commonly practiced, methodologies that are proven to work and critical to our success as a team.

Committed to Process
We are committed to
designing and following
core business processes.
Driven by Data
We make sound decisions
that are based in scientific
data and facts.
Focused on Customers
We are constantly focused
on our customers and
supporting their mission.
Obsessed with Quality
We are obsessed with
providing only the highest
quality services.

Our Story


In 1979, Bronly Boyd founded Boyd Technologies, originally Boyd Converting Company, in Lee, Massachusetts. Bronly started Boyd Technologies with the promise of providing highly valued services to customers developing technical products with a high degree of complexity. Our expertise in advanced flexible materials is rooted in these early days, where The Company provided services across a wide variety of product applications.

Today, this expertise is still at the core of what we do. In the medical device and life science markets, personalized medicine is driving growth, which is enabled by innovations in advanced flexible materials. We solve complex problems by applying our materials expertise to the feature and functionality requirements of single use devices.

Our goal is to help our clients grow faster with less risk. We will continue to invest in our people, our capabilities, and our technology solutions in order to support our clients and ultimately improve patient’s lives.

Founded by Bronly Boyd in Massachusetts

October 23, 1979

Opened first manufacturing location in Richmond, Massachusetts

January 8, 1980

Received our first purchase order from Mr. Coffee

March 16, 1980

Won McDonald’s hamburger wrap business. 100,000,000 hamburgers per year!

June 21, 1980

Built new manufacturing facility in Lee, Massachusetts - 7 acres and 20,000 SF

April 7, 1981

Won global contract for Dupont’s floppy disc liner business and installed our first cleanroom operation

April 2, 1982

Expanded Lee, Massachusetts footprint by 12,000 square feet, and purchased additional 16 acres of land

June 21, 1984

Entered strategic partnership with Nippon Kidoshi Corporation of Japan to expand battery and capacitor business

July 9, 1992

Received ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification

September 2, 1994

Expanded turnkey manufacturing capabilities through series of high-profile consumer product launches


Hurt Free Tape, Johnson & Johnson


ReadyMop, The Clorox Company


BrushUps, Oral-B


Stephen Boyd appointed CEO and Bronly Boyd to Chairman of the Board

October 1, 2007

Acquired Wellington Custom Fabrics from Columbus, Georgia

January 2, 2008

Consolidated business operations to Lee, Massachusetts headquarters and rebranded as Boyd Technologies

January 2, 2010

Received ISO 13485 Quality Management System Certification

September 18, 2011

Launched growth strategy to become pure play medical device and life sciences company

June 7, 2013

Installed and validated new ISO Class 7 Cleanroom operation

April 7, 2014

Launched Sourcebook material sourcing platform

May 15, 2015

Opened Sales & Engineering office in Boston, Massachusetts

March 15, 2017